Earn from “YOUTUBE” in this quarantine by working from home

earn money from youtube
If you are bored and are looking for an interesting ‘work from home’ kind of thing then “YOUTUBE” can be an ideal platform to harness. To be precise YouTube is a digital platform which is used for video sharing and streaming. Adding to this, the money is earned on the basis of views you get on a particular video. It can be a great experience as the user can explore his/her creative side and get paid for what he/she enjoys doing adds icing to the cake. 

Taking into consideration all the digital platforms, YouTube is comparatively very easily accessible and is having a great user base as well

Now let us discuss some simple steps to earn money from YouTube.

1. Create your own channel
The process starts with the creation of a channel on YouTube. To create a channel on YouTube sign in your YouTube on your computer or mobile phone. Then go to my channel list and click on create a new channel. Fill in the necessary details and the channel will be created. Make sure that the name of the channel is unique and interesting. Most of the people name the channel after their name so in case you are alone working on the development of the channel then you can prefer the second option. 

2. Creation of engaging content 
Once you are done with the creation of the channel, the interesting work starts. Now is the decision time, that the content you are going to serve should fall under which category. Many of the upcoming YouTubers are currently choosing poetry, comedy, vlogging, general interest videos and beauty guiding channels. These are the hot topics going on around and are in trend. Furthermore, the channels which provide any kind of academic assistance are never out of trend. This is a wise choice to make. Once you choose the content and finalize the category it’s all left up to research.

3. Research
The third and one of the most important steps in the research of the topic and this needs to be thorough. For example: if you choose to vlog you need to take in consideration the trending topics, the interesting script or content, the competition around and the kind of attention a particular subject is getting. This knowledge will come with sheer research.

4. Execution of content
Once the research is over the most interesting and important task i.e. Execution of the content starts. You just need to make the video of the content you have taken up, edit it, finalize it and post it on the channel. Then you just have to wait for the response of the audience

5. Promotions
After the video goes on the YouTube channel the promotion part starts. Promote it by sharing it on various social networking sites. Adding to this, one can promote the video using advertisements on the digital platform as the promotion increase the viewership of the content.

These are the easy five steps which can help a person earn from home and utilize his/her time. 
Now the question which flashes to everyone’s mind is: How much will we earn?

Well if we talk about the paying mechanism of YouTube its paying mechanism is completely based on the views or to be more precise the ads. Once your views cross 10,000 the channel becomes monetized. This is how you can earn easily from YouTube by making engaging content.

There are many influencing and successful YouTubers to look up to and they have reached this platform not just with talent but with sheer consistency and hard work. YouTube is not a one day hit and trial method but demands interest, consistency and hard work. If one possesses all these qualities, YouTube is an ideal platform for them and can lead them to the way of great success and fame.

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